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Hello, Thanks for visiting our business central office. This is the place to find all manner of Quintology information: contact info, package and photograph downloads, purchase or make requests for complimentary CDs, our stage plot and equipment list, get posters for your club, record store, or concert venue, read our tapers policy, and whatever else people tell us they would like to be able to get via the internet.

Contact Information

For questions, comments, kudos, or criticisms about the web site contact the webmaster:

To request booking information or other general information contact:
By the way, we are in the process of changing bookers at the moment, so if you are an agency that is interested in handling us, or have any information in this regard, please drop us a note.

To purchase product, find a retail outlet in your area, sign us to a huge record deal, or request complimentary CDs, write to:

If you want to contact any of the guys in the band, click on their address below:
(for other Quintologists click here)

If you want to talk to us on the phone, our numbers are:
(504) 484-7979 or  (888) 438-7193

If for some reason you want to contact us by regular mail (you want to send presents maybe?), write us at:

4115 Stewart Court
New Orleans, Louisiana  70119

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Tapers Information

We encourage taping and trading of our shows. We’ll even help you with the set lists if we can. Please tape away to your heart’s content, and trade them with all your pals and fellow music lovers. However, we have a few requests and statements to make.  1) You are not authorized to sell or license any of your tapes of us to anyone for any reason or for any type and amount of compensation (our lawyer made us say this).  2) Please do not broadcast, or place on any computer, copies of our performance(s) without getting our written consent (emails work too).  3) We strongly discourage you from taking your feeds from the sound board, unless you are doing some sort of matrix thing. Our experience is that a well placed, decent quality stereo miking setup will always sound better than the board tapes.  4) Please send us (or hand us) a copy of any show you tape.  5) Please do not bring superjumbo boom setups, elaborate rigs, large annoying cameras, lighting, or anything that might be a drag to other people at the show (including us!). If someone is being harshed by your stuff, you should try to be accommodating.  6) If we get the vibe that you are a bit too professional, we reserve the right to change our minds and ask you to leave your equipment turned off. We all know who are the genuine lovers and supporters of the music, and who are into it for other, less beautiful, reasons. Let the taping begin!

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Previous Quintologists

We realize some of you would like to get in touch with the Quintologists from the past, so here you go!
Mark DiFlorio
Charlie Dennard
Brady Kish

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