Quintology’s second CD, Blues By 5, expands on the band’s sonic palette, featuring a sax and guitar front line, as well as an expanded selection of keyboards and other sounds. Personnel: Brent Rose, saxes, flute; Brian Seeger, guitars; Charlie Dennard, piano, Hammond B3, and Fender Rhodes; Brady Kish, acoustic bass; Mark DiFlorio, drums. The CD showcases another set of all original material, including the Mark DiFlorio epic, India. Produced by Tim Green, with exceptional liner notes from Mr. Green. Just one year old as of this posting, it is almost into its third printing, and is still inspiring some great reviews, and airplay. It also has been selected as a Publisher’s Pick on the AllAboutJazz.com website.

Real Audio MP3 Sheet Music
Blues By 5
Reality Check
Leap Year Stomp
Tears In My Vino

to see the cover art!

Here’s your one stop shopping for Quintology tuneage and even sheet music for a couple of numbers (thanks to the nimble fingers of the folks at Pancake Music and Graphics!) The real audio files are stereo and they work pretty well with most modems. You’ll need a RealAudio player to use them. You get almost instant gratification this way. The MP3 files are very high quality. The downside is they will take the average cybernaut between 8 and 15 minutes to download. May we suggest walking the dog or making a grilled cheese sandwich. Also, you will need some sort of MP3 player. While we’re filling up your computer with new software and sound files, may we suggest Adobe Acrobat for viewing/printing the charts. And, please enjoy yourselves!

Here's your sound clips from the first disc. The first two excerpts (all around 4 minutes), and the complete track of Night... have been ripped in mono and made digestible for you 28.8 users. Kirotedo is the full out stereo jam, complete with space intro!  Mojave (1 mb)
 Oohbobabebop (1 mb)
 A Night In February (1.1 mb)
 Kirotedo (2.4 mb)
to see the Cover art!

Quintology's first CD features all original composite's, and the original band members: Brent Rose, saxes; Mark Rapp. trumpet; Charlie Dennard, piano; Brady Kish, acoustic bass; Mark DiFlorio, drums. Produced by Brian Seeger. Liner notes by Nicholas Payton. It garnered many wonderful reviews, and was included on OffBeat's Best CD's of 1999 list. It was also nominated for a Best of the Beat award for Best Jazz CD, 1999.

"In New Orleans, we're almost accustomed to dazzling young jazz players coming out of the woodwork, but rarely do they emerge with so much originality and cohesiveness."

- Jonathan Tabak, OffBeat magazine

Quintology performed for a live WebCast from Tipitina’s 8th Floor Studio on Monday, October 16, 2000. You can find the show in Tip’s archive along with a lot of other cool stuff. Click here for Tip’s site. A special edition of Charlie Dennard’s “Five O’Clock Charlie” also was featured that day.
You need the Windows Media Player to see and/or hear the Tip's Clips.
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